Ensuring Smooth Operations – ITS Servicing Showcase

At ITS, our commitment to excellence extends beyond just delivering quality products; it encompasses ensuring the smooth functioning of our customers production area and equipment.

Recently, we embarked on an annual service visit, focusing on the customers main production area and CIP (Clean in Place) skid for their renowned “graze” products.

Building on last years’ service in January, our team conducted a thorough assessment of the equipment’s condition, particularly the seals, to determine if the servicing schedule could be extended based on their performance after a year of use. Collaborating with our Benlink partners, we embarked on a 5-day service mission, encompassing various tasks to optimise their production infrastructure.

During this comprehensive service, we maintained a range of equipment including 72 valves, 2 centrifugal pumps, 3 twin-screw pumps, 3 steam traps, and 3 steam float valves. It’s worth noting that while much of the equipment was Alfa Laval, our expertise extend to servicing other brands as well, allowing us to address the entirety of the system’s needs.

Over the course of five days, our team meticulously serviced the equipment, assessing the quality and condition of wearable parts, and providing invaluable insights to the customer. We created a detailed service log for the customer, aiding them in evaluating their next service interval. Additionally, we identified potential design changes, such as separating flush systems for twin-screw pumps to prevent blockages and premature seal failures.

We also highlighted issues such as broken fixings and supports, which could potentially compromise the integrity of the system. By recommending necessary repairs and adjustments, we ensured that the production process would continue smoothly, without risking any disruptions or equipment failures.

Following the service, we conducted rigorous testing of the system with CIP to ensure its integrity and functionality. The results were outstanding—all valves passed, and our customer has been operating seamlessly for the past month without any issues!

In addition to the on-site service, we provided an asset register of their equipment and a comprehensive service report detailing the condition of the seals. This valuable information empowers them to make informed decisions about future servicing, based on our recent assessment.

At ITS, our dedication to our customers goes beyond just servicing equipment; it’s about ensuring their operations run smoothly, efficiently, and with minimal downtime. With each visit, we aim to not only maintain but enhance the performance of their production systems, allowing them to focus on what they do best—delivering quality healthy snacks to their customers while  being mindful of the planet.

Learn more about ITS Servicing and Maintenance: https://www.industrialtradingsolutions.com/its-servicing/

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