Heat Exchangers for Hygienic Applications

In heat transfer, getting the most energy-efficient and reliable performance comes down to having the ideal technology for your specific conditions.

Several factors can influence what type of plate heat exchanger offers the best fit for a specific duty. These can include type of media and refrigerant, design pressure, capacity needs, efficiency demands, serviceability requirements, and many more.

Based on the specific needs and conditions of your operation, Industrial Trading Solutions can support you to select from a comprehensive range of solutions from Alfa Laval.

Alfa Laval solutions enable food, beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, and personal care industry customers to benefit from many of the most advanced technologies available, in full compliance with various regulations and other exceptional hygiene requirements. Decades have been spent developing plate heat exchanger technologies that enable higher efficiency and help businesses optimise energy use in their processes.

Every year, newly installed Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers enable customers to save 50GW of energy. That’s the same amount of energy that it takes to annually heat 10 million European homes.

That 50GW also translates to a 25-million-tonne reduction in global CO2 emissions, or what’s emitted every year by the city of Paris.

We explore a selection of the comprehensive range of Heat Exchanger options available through Industrial Trading Solutions for hygienic applications:

Brazed Heat Exchangers

Our copper-brazed plate heat exchangers are a compact, efficient and maintenance-free solution for heating, cooling, evaporation and condensing in numerous applications. Each unit is designed for duty optimisation, with a range of unique features that ensure both superior thermal performance and maximum reliability. This enables the longest possible service life – even under conditions with extremely high design pressures.

  • Lightweight brazed construction offers much greater thermal efficiency and 75% smaller footprint than comparable shell-and-tubes.
  • The flexible DynaStatic distribution system in AC models enables higher efficiency in any evaporator duty and with any refrigerant
  • Alfa Laval’s FlexFlow plate design provides channel asymmetry that can be tailored to fit the application
  • We help you select the optimal pressing depth, plate pattern and configuration for your application
  • An ideal solution for use with natural refrigerants, thanks to the compact footprint, optimised plate design and high design pressure

With a robust and reliable construction, Alfa Laval’s comprehensive range of brazed plate technology offers a smart alternative to traditional heat exchangers.

Fusion-bonded Plate Heat Exchangers

AlfaFusion bonding technology creates highly efficient, compact heat exchangers made entirely of stainless steel. Virtually maintenance free and capable of handling extremely high pressures and temperatures, our fusion-bonded heat exchangers are an ideal heat transfer solution for challenging applications. These include duties with high cleanliness demands, with aggressive media such as ammonia, or where copper or nickel pose contamination risks.

  • 100% stainless steel construction means 100% recyclability
  • Resists corrosion from aggressive media and process fluids
  • Prevents nickel or copper-contamination when working with drinking water or any other hygienic fluid
  • AlfaFusion technology enables higher temperature resistance than traditional brazed heat exchangers with same high-pressure capabilities
  • Optimised plate design with asymmetric channel configuration provides maximum efficiency in demanding heating and cooling applications

AlfaFusion is a breakthrough manufacturing technique that combines improved hygiene and corrosion resistance with the high efficiency and compact footprint of a brazed plate heat exchanger. By enabling a full stainless steel construction, our fusion-bonded AlfaNova heat exchangers can be used in installations normally reserved for conventional semi-welded and welded technologies. They are also a confident choice when the prime focus is on cleanliness, such as in clean water refrigeration and tap water heating systems.

Gasketed Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchangers

Our gasketed plate heat exchangers are optimising heat transfer by large surfaces of corrugated plates drawing heat from one gas or liquid to the other. The high efficiency and an outstanding reliability in a compact design, offers an investment with the most attractive TCO over the product life time. Not to forget the energy saving capabilities and low environmental footprint.

  • Highest thermal efficiency and close temperature approach
  • Compact units – space saving, easy to service and maintain
  • Maximum uptime – less fouling, stress, wear and corrosion
  • Flexible – easy to adapt to changed duty requirements

The Hygienic range for food, beverage and pharma applications means you buy into reduced cost of ownership and increased efficiency and safety.

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers

Our shell and tube heat exchangers are used in many comfort and industry applications for heating and cooling fluids. They consist of a shell with traditional plain tubes or enhanced surface tubes for high thermal performance. The fluids can be liquids or gases, one of which flows inside the tubes while the other flows outside the tubes within the shell. There are single-phase or two-phase heat exchangers, and the latter is used to either boil or condense fluids.

The Pharmaline offers superior materials and hygienic design, embodying decades of experience in pharma.

  • Double-tube sheet(DTS) avoids risk of cross-contamination
  • Very low risk for cracks and thermal fatigue as U-shaped tubes accommodate thermal expansion
  • Fully drainable heat exchanger, no dead areas and seamless, smooth crevice-free design with max 0,5µm surface roughness
  • Fully customizable owing to smart flexible design of feet and mounting options
  • Small footprint – U-tubes decrease the length of our hygienic heat exchanger by half

Our Viscoline is for viscous food, offering a series of highly efficient heat exchangers that have been designed to handle your food processes in the most gentle manner.

The heat exchanger selector tool

Industrial Trading Solutions can provide you with the technical knowhow and support you need to choose the right Heat Exchanger for your application, and to make that process even easier, our in-house selector tool makes it quicker than ever to get the product and application knowledge needed to find your ideal heat exchanger. Just answer a few short questions and we can provide a customised recommendation to meet your unique needs. The tool currently covers products for design pressures up to 100 bar and design temperatures up to 450° C.

For more information on Heat Exchangers for Hygienic Applications, download the product brochure here: Download Here

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