LIAG Clean In Place Solutions – Supplied by ITS

Want your processing facility to lower product waste, increase product yield, reduce waste water treatment costs, be environmentally conscious, AND still have uncompromised standards of hygiene?

The use of Clean In Place (CIP) equipment can help you to fulfil these high standards, and Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd offer a variety of pigging technologies from LIAG® to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of processes for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


For particularly low-germ processes and highly viscous media, we offer the DMV pigging system, with CIP/SIP compatible, LIAG® free flow shutter valves and specifically designed pig launching and receiving stations without dead pockets. Simplifying the modular component design, thread and clamp unions are virtually no longer needed, minimising typical hygienic risk areas by design. All LIAG® arc valves, even when welded in place, can be easily disassembled for maintenance.

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For non-sensitive media, we offer LIAG®’s SMV pendulum pigging systems which are based on the use of static pigs. Driven by a pushing medium (product, water, air) – they move back and forth between the pig launching and receiving station, thereby eliminating the remaining product from the pipe.

Download the SMV Pigging Brochure:


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