Manifold Shipment for Pharmaceuticals

The second of four butterfly and mixproof valve manifold shipments is now on its way to a world renowned pharmaceutical company that are upgrading and reconfiguring their processing equipment and facility.

Alfa Laval Butterfly Valves are high-performance shut-off valves for use in stainless steel pipe systems of hygienic and high-purity process applications. Its substantial opening area and low flow resistance ensure easy passage of low- to medium-viscosity liquids or liquids containing solids through the valve. This boosts productivity whilst minimising the use of energy. Perfect for use across the food, beverage, home-personal care, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Likewise, the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valve is a versatile, highly flexible double block-and-bleed valve for the safe and efficient management of fluids at intersection points in matrix piped systems. The valve enables the simultaneous flow of two different products or fluids through the same valve without the risk of cross-contamination. Modular design and a wide variety of options enable the valve to be customized to meet any process requirement—whether higher demands on cleanability and the ability to withstand pressure peaks. It is designed for continuous flow management and process safety in hygienic processes where product safety is at the top of the agenda across the dairy, food, beverage and many other industries.

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