Mouvex for Breweries & Distilleries from ITS

Mouvex is a perfect pump solution for all parts of the Brewery process.

With its ability to handle a range of viscosities it can be used on anything from final finished beer, to mash transfer to Maltose transfer processes.

With its ability to self-prime and strip lines of residual product Mouvex Eccentric disc pumps can be used to maximise your product yield and profits and minimise time and chemicals required for cleaning. Additionally in those processes where shear sensitive yeast products need transferring the Mouvex pump is an excellent option with its low shear nature protecting your yeast product from any damage during transfer.


Mouvex is also the ideal pump solution for many parts of the Distillery process.

With final product being of high value you want to ensure that you have maximised your product yield and minimised wastage left in the pipework.

With Mouvex eccentric disc pumps suction and discharge pressures can be generated to recover up to 90% of product from the process pipework to maximise product yield and profits and prevent costly liquids being left in the pipework.

Mouvex pumps can be fully ATEX rated for any ATEX zones found in typical distillery applications.


Mouvex Pump Range from ITS



More about Mouvex Product Recovery

Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pumps feature product recovery capabilities that significantly reduce waste from hygienic process manufacturing, while increasing return on investment. Click below for more information:


Mouvex Easy Clean System

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Surly Case Study

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