Mouvex H-FLO Series Pumps Now Available In 11 & 15 Models From ITS

Mouvex H-FLO Series Pumps now available in 11 & 15 models from ITS

We are pleased to announce that Mouvex have extended their line of H-FLO Series Seal-Less Eccentric Disc Pumps with the addition of the new H-FLO 11, H-FLO 15 models in stainless-steel construction.

With the addition of these new offerings, H-FLO Series pumps now provide flow rates from 12 m3/h (52.8 gpm) to 70 m3/h (308.2 gpm).

H-FLO series is ideally suited for hygienic applications requiring high sanitary standards. With a reduction in weight and consistent high performance, these new models come with flexible port positions and other user-centric options to suit applications in Food, Beverage, Dairy, Confectionary, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical.

Features & Benefits of the new models:

  • Ability to handle highly viscous products up to 10,000 cP
  • Increased offset ensures pumping of soft particles up to 14 mm (0.55″)
  • Tangential inlet ports and internal shapes have been designed to optimise CIP
  • Easy Clean System for more efficient cleaning and CIP bypass suppression
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a new piston locking design
  • Multi-layer stainless steel bellows ensures durability, safety & containment

Easy Clean System

As with all Mouvex Seal-less Eccentric Disc Pumps, the new H-Flo models 11 & 15 feature the ‘Easy Clean System’ giving maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

Easy Maintenance

Not only do these pumps deliver in performance, they are also easier than ever to maintain.

With an oil level control by sight glass for visual checks, a special bearing housing opening shape with no risk of oil spillage, and simple disc and cylinder replacement that eliminates the chance of bellows being damaged, the H-Flo range of pumps really are hassle free. And all of this done with standard tools!

What certifications are available on these new pumps?

  • H-FLO pumps can be ATEX certified.
  • In addition, H-FLO pumps are:
  • •Both EC 1935-2004 & FDA compliant with, FEP-FKM (CVT), FKM and EPDM O-rings
  • •H-FLO 15 complies with EHEDG under conditions of O rings material, Type of connectors and additional options.

The H-Flo Range of pumps:

•Are able to develop up to -0.95 bar g / -14 psi g vacuum on suction and are self priming.

•Can run dry up to 6 minutes even in ATEX atmosphere

•Are able to recover liquid inside piping

•Deliver a constant flow rate even vs. a variable viscosity or pressure

•Deliver a constant flow rate even if pumping parts are wearing

•Include only two pumping wearing parts that can be replaced quickly.

•Are Seal-less

Check out here how the Mouvex H-Flo pump works in this animation:

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