Pipetite® Sealing Boot for Pipe Penetrations in Hygienic Environments

Pipetite® – A new approach to an old problem.

Sealing pipes where they pass through walls or ceilings has been a source of aggravation and repeated maintenance costs for many years. And with all processing plants being required to control their processing environment to avoid contamination from moisture, pests and airborne particles, unsealed gaps in walls, floors and ceilings are a prime source for these issues. By sealing penetrations, facilities eliminate one such potential hazard, avoiding risks to health and ensuring a safe product.

So here we have a simple, hygienic, and inexpensive solution…

Pipetite® is a flexible, self-sealing, sanitary wall boot that seals around tubing or pipe penetrations.

It’s unique design eliminates the need for sealants and is easily adapted to fit most pipe or tube diameters.

Constructed of hygienic white silicone, 316 stainless steel and with a temperature rating of -40°c to 260°c, this totally self-sealing boot, fits snuggly to walls and ceilings, whilst giving superior flexibility for movement, without causing damage or breaking the seal.

Pipetite® also comes with pre-drilled holes for quick and easy installation, so no messy clean-ups – and it makes unsightly gaps look neat and tidy!

Pipetite® is great for:

·Sealing new or existing piping

·Covering openings in ceilings, walls, floors or areas of plastic or sheet metal.

·Sealing around cables, tubing, hose, or wires

·Seals that are exposed to sunlight, cleaning solutions or other harsh environments

·Tube-in-tube floor or wall transitions

·Where fire, pressure or other regulations need to be adhered to

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