Prepare for the unexpected – Order you Auto-Line Spares today…

Prepare for the unexpected…

If you have ever experienced a production stop and then had to wait for the parts to be delivered, you will know what disruption this can cause.

Avoid this costly frustration by ordering the spare parts you need now to keep in stock. Get production up and running quickly without the wait for your parts to be manufactured.

HiFlux Filtration A/S spare parts available:

  • Lifting device
  • Scraper set for rotating filter
  • Cylinder scraper and O-ring
  • Filter element
  • Viton O-ring for sealing box
  • Viton O-ring for element
  • Lid sealing
  • Sealing cord

Spares Leaflet

ITS can supply spares for HiFlux Filtration and other process equipment brands. Just give us a call 01675 465191, email us, or visit ITS Lite to purchase directly.

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