Product Recovery is Profit Recovery

Is Product Recovery Important To You?
Product waste is one of the areas in hygienic manufacturing where extremely high costs are being incurred and is a topic that can critically affect the profitability of food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers, from the most basic production-line level on through entire plant efficiencies…even overall corporate performance.
By incorporating MOUVEX® eccentric disc pumps in hygienic product-manufacturing operations, results have been documented to include six-figure savings per pump. Read More Here
Advantages of eccentric disc pumps in product recovery applications when compared to other product recovery methods include:
• Eccentric disc pumps can recover product from tank bottoms, inlet and outlet lines.
• Eccentric disc pumps can recover product from small diameter lines where pigging is not possible.
• Eccentric disc pumps can recover product through ordinary valves, heat exchangers, magnetic traps, flow meters and other accessories found in the transfer line.
• Product recovery with eccentric disc pumps is seamless as no line interruptions will occur between normal production and the product-recovery phase.
• For the majority of the product-recovery process, air mixing is not a concern as most of the product recovered by an eccentric disc pump comes in the form of a product plug with no air mixed in. A simple flow switch can be used to shut down the pump before the air purge reaches the product’s destination.
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