Spring Cleaning Mode Activated! 🧼

‘Scrub it, Sweep it, Clean it, Detect it.’ – Detectamet

Keeping your hygienic processing environment in tip-top condition is crucial. Detectamet have an extensive range of metal detectable and x-ray visible cleaning equipment to keep you  fully covered. From brushes, brooms, to buckets and many more, they have everything you need to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness –  these products are available to purchase from ITS Lite.

Food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries are held to a standard of maintaining a clean and sanitary production environment as it is essential for consumer safety. Using metal detectable cleaning equipment ensures that even the smallest risks of contaminants can be detected and removed, giving you peace of mind and protecting your consumers.

Ensure contamination prevention, quality assurance, and compliance with industry regulations today: SHOP | ITS Lite

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