Strategies For Thriving In The Growing Alternative Dairy Market

As global tastes and ethical considerations evolve, the demand for alternative dairy products is soaring, signalling a shift away from traditional cow-based milk consumption. Consumers and food producers alike are embracing lactose-free, plant-based milk substitutes, such as oat, soy, coconut, macadamia, cashew, and almond milk, which are gaining popularity worldwide. These alternatives offer versatile options for use in both hot and cold beverages, vegan recipes, and various food products, catering to a growing market of health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers.

To capitalise on the burgeoning alternative dairy market, businesses must invest in the right equipment and processes to ensure the quality and consistency of their products. Here’s what you’ll need from ITS (Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd) to succeed in this rapidly expanding sector:

Advanced Mixing Equipment:

ITS recommends leveraging the Alfa Laval UltraPure centrifugal mixing pumps to achieve smooth, thoroughly blended liquid outputs. These tools are essential for creating dairy substitutes with the desired texture and consistency, particularly when working with thicker ingredients like nuts or oats.

The Daniatech MixMaster series of tanks offers rapid, high-shear separation capabilities, enabling the transformation of viscous mixes into smooth and blendable products. Batch cycles and post-processing techniques can further enhance the quality of artificial creamers, rivalling traditional dairy counterparts.

Pigging and Product Recovery Systems:

ITS provides a diverse selection of Pigging Systems designed to accommodate various pipeline configurations. These specialised pigs enhance the efficiency of cleaning and maintenance operations, ensuring pipelines remain in optimal working condition and offer exceptional product recovery capabilities. By offering tailored solutions from manufacturers including Liag and Servinox, ITS helps to address specific needs, whether it’s for removing debris, inspecting pipeline integrity, improving flow efficiency or increasing product yield. This versatility ensures that pipelines, regardless of their design or content, can be maintained effectively and safely.

Efficient product recovery and waste reduction are critical for maximising output and minimising costs in alternative dairy production. ITS provides high-yield, smooth-motion inline pumps including the Mouvex H-Flo series, designed to capture and transport raw materials through pipelines with minimal losses.

Instrumentation and Monitoring Tools

ITS provide instrumentation and monitoring tools from companies like Eilersen and Anderson-Negele which enable producers to optimise their production processes. These advanced tools provide precise measurements and real-time data, allowing for meticulous control over various production parameters. By leveraging this technology, producers can ensure their operations are running efficiently and consistently meeting production targets. This alignment not only enhances productivity but also maintains high standards of quality and compliance throughout the production cycle.

Liquid Filtration

Filters from HiFlux Filtration are designed to efficiently remove impurities, particulate matter, and contaminants from liquids, which is crucial in maintaining the consistency and safety of alternative dairy products such as almond milk, soy milk, and oat milk.

Other Hygienic Equipment:

ITS offers a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions, valves, pumps, tank equipment, heat exchangers and mixers to support developers in optimising their product lines. These solutions are essential for maintaining hygienic conditions and ensuring product quality and safety.

By investing in state-of-the-art equipment and leveraging ITS’s expertise, businesses can streamline their fluid processing operations and meet the growing demand for plant-based milk alternatives.

To explore ITS’s full range of equipment and solutions for alternative dairy production, interested parties are encouraged to contact ITS directly via phone 01675 465191 / Email or browse online for more information:

The alternative dairy market presents significant opportunities for businesses willing to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences. With the right equipment and processes in place, producers can deliver high-quality dairy substitutes that meet the demands of health-conscious consumers and contribute to the sustainability of the food industry.