Why are side agitators a good option?

Why are side agitators a good option?
1. Compact and Efficient – With their compact structure, side entry agitators are suitable for various tank sizes and are designed with high efficiency and stable transmission to provide smooth consistent movement within the tank.
2. Great is smaller spaces – Where there is not enough space to use a large vertical agitator, side entry agitators are perfect where top space is limited or where tank depth is not sufficient.
3. Easy access for maintenance – Due to the low positioning of side entry agitators, they are relatively easy to access from ground level and are therefore more convenient, easier and safer to maintain than those accessed from the top of a tall tank.
4. Multiple agitators can be fitted – Where required, multiple side agitators can be installed on one tank.
5. Suitable for various applications – Ideal for a variety of applications including milk, juices, wine and oils. They can also be used for dissolving sugar syrup, yeasts, fats, powdered foods, thickeners, and more. 
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