Looking for ways to save energy and water usage?

Are you looking for ways to save energy and water usage? Choose a Mouvex Seal-less eccentric disc pump and increase product yield at the same time. Read how here…

With food and beverage plants coming under increasing legislative pressure to reduce water consumption, wastewater treatment, and energy,  ITS are always looking for ways to support our customer initiatives with new equipment and technologies.

Using a Mouvex Pump in your processing facility is one such way…

Mouvex pumps can recover product effectively from your production lines, which in some cases will generate savings of up to 32 times more than the yearly cost of the energy needed to run the pump! The reduction in product waste and use of water, chemicals and energy required for cleaning these production lines is also significant, resulting in less impact environmentally, whilst increasing your product yield. What more could you ask for?!

Read the World Pumps article where Mouvex talk about the advantages fitting a Mouvex Pump can have on your sustainability initiatives here: Mouvex_World Pumps_June 2022

Calculate potential savings yourself using this simple guide:

Calculate Product Recovery with Mouvex Pumps from ITS

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