What Is Sustainable IBC Cleaning?

What Is Sustainable IBC Cleaning

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) cleaning has the potential to be damaging to the environment. High velocity cleaning often means high water and energy consumption, the use of chemicals that may seep through the earth into underground water courses, and a regrettable volume of wasted water. A sustainable approach to IBC cleaning not only boosts your business’s profit margins by reducing water and energy consumption, but it also reinforces your brand’s green credentials – an asset in any crowded marketplace.

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How Do You Achieve Sustainable IBC Cleaning?

At ITS, we’re committed to delivering sustainable IBC cleaning solutions that slash your business’s consumption of water and energy, while achieving consistent standards of hygiene. We understand the importance of hygiene in the manufacture of food, drink, and personal care products, where reusable IBCs can become soiled, leading to extensive microbiological growth. Regular cleaning is, therefore, essential to protect consumers and ensure product quality, but using the right equipment will help to prevent avoidable wastage of water, energy, and chemicals.

High-pressure IBC cleaning equipment uses spray head technology to achieve outstanding results without an overreliance of chemicals. By fitting the spray head nozzle to the top of the IBC, the integrated pump and motor enable fast and effective cleaning without heavy water usage.

Spray head nozzles can also be calibrated to provide a desired level of cleanliness, depending on the type, size, and purpose of the IBC. Our equipment also delivers exceptional results in irregularly shaped IBCs, preventing the accumulation of dirt and bacteria in difficult-to-reach places.

By opting for our IBC cleaning equipment to deliver repeatable high impact in-house cleaning, you can achieve sustainability in several ways:

  • Water consumption is reduced, with rapid action spraying removing the most persistent residues and dirt without lengthy use of water.
  • Energy costs are cut, as equipment is only required to be operational for a minimal time.
  • Low-VOC solvents minimise damage to the local environment and underground water courses.

Improve Your Sustainable IBC Cleaning With ITS

At ITS, we stock an extensive range of IBC cleaning equipment, spare parts, and accessories for all major brands of tank cleaning systems, so you can deliver exceptional IBC cleaning without needless waste of water and energy. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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